QMS- Quality management System

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Quality is what we believe in. Over the last few years Pharmaceutical industry especially nutraceuticals have undergone dynamic and significant reformation for better compliance. We understand the need for compliance and cGMP. Our unique QMS (Quality Management System) has it all covered. In the QMS of Auri Nutra Inc., every employee is an integral part of it and has a designated responsibility and critical role to play. Our QMS consists of an expert team with profound knowledge and years of experience specializing in the dietary supplement and generic products. The primary objective of Auri Nutra Inc. is not just making products but serving the community and we believe it can be done when the quality of the product will not be compromised. We seek the trust of the community and customers by Quality. With an accurate and scientifically valid testing method, and an independent and well-established Quality Management System, we make our products speak for us, the language of quality.
Our quality process begins with the selection of appropriate vendors for the purchase of the finest ingredients.
Stringent analytical testing on all incoming Raw materials and packaging materials
Controlled and strict manufacturing system ensuring quality on every step of production
Thorough testing to ensure the consistency, efficiency, and safety of the finished products
Strict rules of cGMP are followed to ensure the product that we produce meets the quality that you desire. We strictly follow FDA rules and regulations so that you can rest assured that the product that you receive not only meets label specifications but is also supported by QC and QA control.
“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” said the famous philosopher Aristotle and we have made it our addiction.